Journal Entry:  07.11.07  –boat from Legazpi City to Rapu-rapu Island, 2pm–

It all reminds me of my days on a Palawan ferry banca (boat): the rhythmic sound of the water going over the pontoons, the slight clamminess of the skin because of the saltwater, the flying fish jumping out to avoid the boat.  One thing I don’t remember, and that’s not to say I didn’t experience it, is the wooziness, slight headache, and general sleepiness that I’m feeling right now.  I haven’t been on the water for years though, so my sea legs have had little practice.

Back to the flying fish, there aren’t nearly as many (smaller here too) than in those days in 2001 in Palawan.  I haven’t seen any other kinds of marine creatures either (again in Palawan I couldn’t help but see life everywhere, from various varieties of fish and jellyfish, to dolphins).  Could this be because of the reported massive fish-kill on the island?  I’m still quite a ways away (I can almost cover the island with my hand with my arm extended out), could the possible toxic spill from the Australian owned Lafayette mine have affected the marine life out so far?  These are apparently life-rich waters, the massive whale shark being one.  [note: Things didn’t get any better as I got closer to the island—and I never saw a whale shark.]

And I don’t think I had such a generally grey day back then either, and it looks worse over Rapu-rapu—but that’s part of the season, at least the waters are calm.

I’m not sure what to expect on this trip.  My seasickness has almost passed and I’m starting to think clearly again.  I’ve got just a couple days on the island [upon landing and talking to people about the problems there we ended up staying four], what will I learn, see, photograph?