“Show me the proof” said the Australian Ambassador to me.

He tells me this after a big talk about how amazing Australia is with it’s generous aid packages to the Phils. Apparently it provides the most livelihood aid to this country. He tells me this after I ask him what his government is planning to do about the disaster in Rapu-Rapu.


Wonder if they told that to the people of Rapu-Rapu and Didipio who are facing Australian mining companies?

In R2, most of the islanders have lost their means to make a living an feed their families. Fishermen with an ocean with many less fish are pretty screwed. And the remaining fish have caused sickness and a reported one death.

So where’s the proof?

Interesting that the onus of proof is on the poor locals instead of the rich foriegn company that has already spilled tailings once before (in 2005, just a month after opening operations). Interesting that an island of people begging for handouts could be so good at faking hunger.

So yes, lets see it the company and government way:

The fish died because they drowned (‘deoxigenated water caused by strong currents’ they say).

The fishkill was limited to one village 10 kms away so it was a localized event they say. So I guess the interviews done by non-company or gov officials, where locals tell of many dead fish, are a big lie. Fascinating how the one student documentary maker that got this footage was arrested.

Yes, I guess the ambassador is right.