During last months Toronto Fringe Festival I had a chance to do something I’ve always wanted to try, acting. I was part of the ‘Baggage’ ensemble cast that was called “Outstanding” by NOW magazine, and given 4/5 stars by Eye Weekly.

During the last week of our run we were interviewed by “Spotlight on Review,” that vid can finally be seen online HERE.

I’m very happy I got to do that. As I said, I’ve always wanted to try but never had the nerve to (even in a gradeschool production). In Baggage I played a father that goes from singing and dancing, to angry to remorseful, and it was definately not as easy as I had earlier thought.

I had figured that as am pretty good at thinking on my feet, I’d be able to slide easily into acting. It wasn’t quite that easy. It might seem funny, but I actually needed ‘anger’ lessons!!! It’s just not in my everyday character to have displays of public anger.

I actually have this highschool memory when friends were telling me that they could never imagine me angry, and it definately was difficult to bring that side out. I hope I did ok as there were pro actors in the cast and I really didn’t want to embarrass them.

In the end I think it was an amazing experience… maybe one day I’ll do this acting thing again…

* * * * *

Click on this image to go to the "Spotlight on Review" interview.