Just a little gentle prodding and Canadians are tripping over with racist glee. All someone had to do is use the right politically correct code words for racism in the 21st century.

Canadians are too polite to tell the gooks to go home, that just wouldn’t seem right.

It does, however, seem to be ok to tell them to “integrate” with “our culture” or else “Canada should reject that person as a potential Canadian citizen.”

A recent Toronto Star article titled “Sure we have rights, but what about duties?” by

“Your customs belong in the country you left behind,” writes another person who clearly states he is upset that Canada had to apologise to the Japanese (for the WWII internment camps, theft of their property, etc.) and to the Chinese for the head tax.

A third person writes that her “concern is the small minority of new immigrants who are here out of their own free will, but who demand the full benefit of the Canadian Charter of Rights and the full protection of Canadian laws without being willing to assimilate into this society or even show the courtesy of respecting and following its norms and traditions. Some even show an attitude of defiance to the social traditions of this country.”

I read this while on a camping trip with a group of live-in caregivers, a group of individuals that sacrificed everything they knew, and left their families and community behind, to live and work behind the locked doors of a Canadian family’s house.

Sure all this leads to abuse, but that’s something they are willing to bear in the hope of providing for their families and potentially be able to bring them out of poverty. Now if only they can let go of what pride is left them—maybe that will be enough for these folk? Oh Canada…

“We must ask whether it is acceptable for Canada to lower the standard of human rights for immigrant workers simply because they are being provided with an opportunity that is potentially beneficial to them.” (Shayna Buhler, Human Rights Tribune, Vol. 12, 2006)

Curiously, I had also just written my previous blog entry on how Canadians just seem to want us migrants and minorities to just “be happy and grateful” for having the honour of leaving everything behind to live in a country where some people clearly don’t want us (at least not the way we are.)

Angelo’s basic argument is that Canada needs a Charter of Canadian Duties to balance the Charter of Rights. Citizens need to understand their responsibilities towards the country and not just look towards the Charter to protect their cultural differences.

The readers seem to love him. Even online the comments are distinctly pro, and the cons are widely dismissed. Here are some choice white-robed thoughts:

“I am finding more Canadians verbalizing [that]… We are tired of being forced into changing our ways by newly arrived persons who want to live life as in their old country while getting all the benefits of being a Canadian, again while not putting in any constructive effort… soon there will be a bigger internal confrontation…” [Tanner14]

“People choose to live in Canada because it is one of the best places on the planet to live, yet they can’t wait to show pride and love for the place they chose to leave…” [Sjacobs]

“It’s about time we demanded something from our “citizens”… These people have no loyalty to anyone but themselves but wander the first world looking for the country with the best benefits and social programs.” [WhitbyGirl]



If only we had something to protect us from this sort of hate, some sort of codified list of rights, then maybe all this could be stopped. We can even put it in the Constitution and can call it a Chart—oh wait.


Jocelyn Dulnuan was a caregiver murdered in her employer's home in Mississauga in 2007.