I know the Olympics are on, but isn’t anyone else transfixed by the media’s completely uncritical analysis of the Georgian situation?

The Georgian conflict, if North American media outlets are to be believed, is the result of a Russian ‘invasion’ that smacks of a ‘Soviet-style Cold War mentality.’ But even European outlets agree that Georgia clearly struck first.

It’s sad, but you really have to search for the truth, mainstream North American news ain’t gonna give it to you.

I used to believe that the CBC was half decent. That’s slowly draining away, the reporting mess about Georgia isn’t helping.

If the CBC (at least the TV version, their online stuff is a bit better), CNN, and every other N. American channel are to be believed Russia initiated the attack and ‘occupied’ South Ossetia (the break away Georgian province), but even European media outlets see it quite differently.

So what’s going on here?

Here is an interesting news clip from an online outlet that I recommend everyone visit, the RNN.

More online news clips can be seen by CLICKING HERE.

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If you’ve watched the clips you’re angry and/or depressed now. So let’s watch some Ray Charles and chill…