If you go see ‘Norway.Today’ at the Terragon in Toronto you’ll see my work on screen during the dream sequence in this multi-media theatre production.

It was a fun shoot that basically involved my filming a couple make out in a variety of locales in the city.  At one point we asked a cabbie to drive us around the downtown core–I’m surprised we didn’t crash as it must have been quite a scene to have two attractive people just going at it while another guy filmed it (sometimes while hanging out the cab to get the view from outside the window!).

* * * * *

Show details (from the website):

September 5-21, 2008
Opening Night September 9 – Reception at Tarragon Included!
Tarragon Extra Space

Buy tickets online here or call Tarragon Theatre at 416.531.1827

Starring: Steven McCarthy and Ieva Lucs

“This bitter-sweet tragicomedy, about suicide, life, the universe and nothing, is an experience no serious theatregoer should miss.” – Steven Davenport (Indaily Australia)

Theatre Smash presents the Canadian premiere of the critically-acclaimed global sensation, Norway.Today. Since its premiere in late 2000 at the Düsseldorf Play House, Norway.Today has been staged more than 200 times around the world and has been translated into 25 languages.

Based on a true story, Norway.Today is an existential romantic comedy about two lost souls searching for the meaning of life in death. Julie and August meet when Julie announces her intention to take her life in an internet chat room – and issues a challenge for someone to join her. August responds and they meet atop Pulpit Rock, a 2000 ft. cliff in Norway. On this last evening of their lives, the lines of life and virtual reality are blurred, and they discover that some things in life might just be scarier than jumping off a cliff.

Bauersima won the Audience Award in 2001 for best playwright at the Mühlheim Theater Days Festival, and was named best new dramatist by Theater Heute. Critic Svenja Klaucke declared: “Bauersima has caught the feelings of the web generation with precision. Almost like a Beckett for today – artful and complex, simple and humorous.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung).