October 2008

Back in November of last year I visited a mining site on Rapu-Rapu island in the Philippines owned by an Australian mining firm.  Oxfam-Australia has used few of my images to illustrate their newly released site report on this tiny island’s open pit mine. (more…)

*** This is another old piece of writing from my big Asia wander way back in 2001-2003.  I was working as an ESL school in Yogya, Indonesiaat the time I wrote this.  I was a kid just out of school looking for something that I couldn’t properly articulate, and thus couldn’t grasp.  It was on this 2.5 year wander that I eventually picked up a camera for the first time.***

Monday 17 December, 2002

The girl who sat next to me on the bus to Semarang had the aura of one that worked in the fields of Java. It was not the way she dressed, nor anything else she carried that gave me that impression. It was her smell. (more…)

I am not voting for Stephen Harper.  I am writing this for those of you that are still considering the possibility.  I am also writing this for those that are considering strategic voting in this election, but more on that later. (more…)

I did some work with an NGO called the Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRC) on my last visit to the Philippines in Oct 2007 to January 2008.  The CRC works with children who are victims of state violence.  This set of ten images will try to tell just a small part of their current story. (more…)

Styrofoam Ones and Times Neue Roman pulled some guerilla art during Nuit Blanche this past Saturday night.  Their surprise performances from the back of a U-haul truck caused people to stop, consult their official Nuit Blanche maps, scratch their heads (”I can’t find this event…”), then eventually just give in to spontaneity.


I first saw Anita Majumdar in Fish Eyes, her critically acclaimed one woman show that incorporated traditional dance with a modern day Canadian tale.  I loved that play and was excited to be able to work with her on production stills for her relaunch of The Misfit. (more…)

Yesterday morning I was interviewed by a student journalist from Chicago about human rights in the Philippines.

“I’m interested in knowing what the major human rights issues are… or at least your perspective on what they are,” she asked in her preliminary email the day before. (more…)