I first saw Anita Majumdar in Fish Eyes, her critically acclaimed one woman show that incorporated traditional dance with a modern day Canadian tale.  I loved that play and was excited to be able to work with her on production stills for her relaunch of The Misfit.

I actually like quite a number of the images I took that day, so I’ll post different themes in different sets.  The obvious theme here will be the square frame/negative space format that have become one of my favourite styles.

The show runs 23 October to 15 November 2008 at Theatre Passe Muraille.  I know I’m looking forward to seeing it!

The Misfit introduces us to Naznin, a respected, Canadian born Kathak dancer, with a dark past.  After running off with an Indian hotel steward/aspiring pop singer boyfriend (Lucky Punjabi), Naznin is disowned by her parents all in the name of “honour”.

In India she finds asylum as a choreographer for a dance troupe that performs classical Indian dance to English MTV pop music at wedding receptions.  As we travel through the play, we soon discover that Naznin isn’t the only dancer to fall victim to her community’s hunger for misogyny. [from The Misfit facebook page]

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umm... I hope Anita likes the pics... 😉