Styrofoam Ones and Times Neue Roman pulled some guerilla art during Nuit Blanche this past Saturday night.  Their surprise performances from the back of a U-haul truck caused people to stop, consult their official Nuit Blanche maps, scratch their heads (”I can’t find this event…”), then eventually just give in to spontaneity.

[*I recommend you click one of the above band links so you can listen to their music while you look at the photos.]

They called the event “The Journey to The End,” here’s what they wrote on their facebook page [inside the square brackets are my additional comments]:

Keep movin’ and pushin’ the music they say…

Straight up. I was lost for a while in my thoughts of trying some absurd s@*$. But then again ain’t it time to try something out of our scope of idea? With less than $100 in my pocket i’m trying something out for Nuite Blanche. If you don’t know what i’m talking about check out the details:

Mobile projection from a UHAUL. YUP and live music from the back of it. If you don’t believe me “you are boring.”

1. The journey begins at The End in Kennsington (across the boat @ KPC) @ 11pm. [*this was shut down by the cops after a noise complaint.]

2. At the gates of Trinity Bellwoods Park @ 1am

3. Queen & Ossington @ 1:45 am

Last Drop @ Rolly’s Garage (124 Ossington Ave) @ 3:15 am [this got scrapped because of the cops shutting down the bar, the performance was at OCAD instead]

They started their sets with a white sheet over the back.  Random archieval scenes were projected leaving only the silouettes of the band visible to the public.

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The following video (by drummer Clay Jones) shows the entire set done in a U-haul parking lot near Queen and Ossington.

One more vid from the event (by Dustin P, aka DJ Mensa):