November 2008

Check out the Nov/Dec 2008 issue of This Magazine for my photos and article about two Canadian mining sites in the Philippines.   The vid above was produced by This using a few of my images and narration. (more…)


Pics from the Styrofoam Ones release party at Rolly’s Garage last Saturday night.  It was a mad party, with hundreds crammed into an actual mechanics garage on Ossington Ave. (more…)

Miarayon, Mindanao.

Miarayon, Mindanao.

Filipinos don’t celebrate Halloween, they instead have a day dedicated to the dead on 1 November, the Araw ng mga Patay [Day of the Dead]. It’s a holiday that is the perfect metaphor for Philippine spirituality: an imported Catholic holiday that hints at an animist past. (more…)