The rains came and went for the few days I was in Bikol. The bus window showed evidence of this less than seasonal weather. It was dusk, and the sky was finally clearing, the clouds in my mind had also started to break.

I was on my way back to Manila, back to what had been a source of confusion and creative roadblock.

Things have not been easy on the homefront, the collective has been suffering. Strong personalities clashed with a feeling (at least on my part) with a non-unified sense of direction. Toronto issues had been transferred a half world away. But on this bus ride I could feel that, in my mind at least, the weather was getting better.   I was in the Philippines, and I had a project to get on with.

That’s why I had gone to Bikol, even if the group-mind remained confused, I wanted my own mind clear. This trip, as sad/exciting/nerve-wracking as it was (more on this in my next post), helped do just that.

I’m back now. Conversations amongst the group have been productive. A new sense of purpose seems to have arisen. There are more discussions that have to be had, and I remain uncertain about some things, but for me, for what I want to do, I can see the path ahead…

* * * * *

Misc Bus Thoughts:

I was ready for it this time, the crazy air-conditioning I mean.  For those of you who have not been on an intercity bus in the developing world (really it’s not just the Phils), it’s bloody cold.

I remember dying on buses my first time.  Being in the tropics I usually go about in shorts, flipflops and a really light shirt.  That outfit results in hypothermia.

This time around I wore pants, socks, shoes, a t-shirt, a hoodie, a hat, a scarf, and a blanket (that I *ahem* borrowed from the plane).  I was still cold, but I was better.  🙂

Sure half my clothes bag was filed with stuff just for the bus, but it was worth it.