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I just wanted to link you all to my latest project blog.

“Balikbayan” is a Filipino word referring to an individual who lives outside the Philippines returning for a visit.  It is a composite word comprising of the word ‘balik’ meaning ‘to return’ and ‘bayan’ meaning ‘country,’ ‘community,’ ‘village,’ or ‘my house.’  

Our project uses this word literally and metaphorically.

Our work will use the questions of identity that are common for the majority of Filipinos who were born or raised outside of the Philippines to explore the rich cultural legacy that we all share.  In the project we will encourage the members of our community to share their own stories of cultural exploration, and ask those who have just begun to join us in a virtual visit ‘home.’

This project intends to explore identity through the lens of literal balikbayans, hoping to bring Filipino-Canadians to the metaphorical home that is self-realization.  We will speak with and record the views of Filipino-Canadians both in Canada and in the Philippines, and we will show our own vision of the country via a multimedia installation project.

This summer (2010) we will be showing the photos, video shorts, and mini-documentary at the Kultura Festival in Toronto, Canada.  The doc will explore the life we or our parents left behind…

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Check out the blog now: ProjectBalikbayan.com

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