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What terrifies me about TVP–and “terrifies” is not an exaggeration–is that it mistakes the symbols for what it symbolizes.   Further it reduces the world’s complexities to a one-size-fits-all formula notwithstanding geography, culture, and the human sciences (psychology, sociology, history, etc).

It sees the failure of a profit driven society but instead of targeting the ideological roots of this form of society, it merely demonizes money.

It takes the scientific method, which has been our greatest method for understanding the world and simplifies it into a definitive truth machine (thereby misunderstanding what science is and how it operates).

Ok, let’s work from what you guys have said above:

MiracAli Ali Occupy Ohab writes, “Science is beautiful it has NO ego…if you can argue with science then you must be god!”

This to me is an amazingly clear example of how poorly I’ve found most TVPers understand science.  As Celina Dycke posts underneath “science can be and is used to support false beliefs.”

I disagree with MiracAli, science most definitely has an ego, and if you can argue with science that does not make you a blasphemer, but instead, it makes you a scientist.

Science has an ego because it’s done [note that I say that science is ‘done,’ it’s not a pronouncement of truth, but a method] by humans, and humans have egos.  What we decide to question is based on our own interests and experiences—our ego.  How we decide to investigate is also based on our own knowledge, experience, access to equipment, and morality.  Take for example research into humans (medical or psychological).  The best way would be to test humans, but this leads to major moral quandaries: to what extent are we willing to inconvenience or harm our human subjects?  Are you willing to possibly kill them?  To say yes would mean having much greater accuracy in your study and you would learn a lot more… it wouldn’t be very nice—BUT it WOULD be scientific.

Science is not a be all and end all, it is enveloped in ideology.  So to claim that your belief system is ‘science’ means almost nothing.  You need an ideological superstructure first.  Science meets the needs of your ideology.  [*I know that TVP is scared of the word ‘ideology’ but you have one, we all have one.

The point of science is to question.  And the goal of science is NOT to establish fact, but to create and/or to falsify scientific theories.  Science, by definition, can NEVER establish fact.  Again, let me repeat, science does NOT establish fact, it never has.  Instead its goals are to create theories that try to explain the material world around us to the best of our ability at the time.

A scientific theory must be falsifiable to be considered true.   If one declares a theory a fact it stops being falsifiable and thus stops being scientific.

Take a look at this poster I found on FB:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150273702904248&set=t.172002444&type=1&theater

What you see above is the scientific method, the spine of science.  As you can see it ends with ‘repeat’ NOT ‘be content, you now know the truth.’  Because there is NO truth in science.

Very telling here about the TVP position is Randall’s comment on that FB thread: “i wonder if these steps are gonna change in the future. cut down to two steps: enter data, and apply solution. Even the scientific method will be undergo change because of machines.”

This dearth of understanding to the purpose and use of science leads to TVPers simply becoming followers of great knowledgeable gurus of “science.”  And removes personal responsibility for using the scientific method in our own lives.  This can be seen clearly by the overwhelming support of the pseudo-science in the movie “Thrive” on the TZM page here on FB: https://www.facebook.com/TheZeitgeistMovement/posts/318953441463429

And at this point, TVPs “science” starts needing quotation marks—because it’s abandoned the scientific method and becomes doctrine draped in scientific knick-knacks.

“Imagine a world with no money or borders?”

Ok, let’s move on to specific doctrines of TVP.

The quote above is from MiracAli Ali Occupy Ohab on the FB thread and it’s at the core of my critique of TVP, that it mistakes symbols for the symbolized.  This obsession with removing the monetary system is so confusing to me that I don’t even know if I understand it.

There is a zen proverb that warns: “do not confuse the pointing finger with the moon.”  It basically means that when I point to the moon, you shouldn’t stare at my finger, but at what my finger is pointing at.

This obsession with money is just that for me.  It’s mistaking the finger for the moon.  Money is a symbol.  A symbol that modern society has assigned value to.  By itself money is nothing but paper and metal.  It is we that give it value and if we merely remove money we will simply transfer that value to something else.

Now I agree that our society is unhealthily obsessed with profit and consumerism.   But then if that’s the case (and it is) then let us examine what the roots are to this, let’s not waste time simply on the means of exchange that facilitates this obsession, because removing the means does not remove the obsession.  In fact, removing the means only makes the obsession worse as it becomes harder to attain and thus we will be willing to go to greater lengths to attain it.

As for ‘no borders’ oh boy is that problematic.  The best way to approach this I think is to discuss the next major doctrine of TVP: the Machine that Rules the World.

Now as I understand it, the TVP plan is to create machines that we can simply enter data into that then spits out what is to be done in a ‘fair’ and ‘scientific’ manner (quotation marks definitely intended).

Who programs the machine?  Whose interests are represented?  Are all to be treated the same?  What happens to democracy?  To the interests of specific ethnic and cultural groups?  To the specific interests of specific peoples?

It seems to me that the programmer’s bias will rule the world in this system.  And don’t give me that ‘scientific’ nonsense.  We can already see from above that science does not equal truth or fair.  It’s simply a method, one that can be equally employed by the just and the tyrannical.

So no borders?  This seems to me like it was created by the same group that claim to ‘see no colour,’ another name for this group would be “racists.”

In the time of colonialism and imperialism (ie. today) the White nations ravaged our lands.  And even after supposed ‘independence’ they still came and stole from us.  They had no respect for our borders.  So in this ‘new’ system proposed by TVP there would again be ‘no borders?’  Right.  I’ll tell you now.  The worlds peoples from the ‘developing world’ will not sign up for this.

A just world is a democratic world, a world where the people control society.  Not a group of elites, and DEFINITELY not a machine.

The world proposed by TVP (as I understand it) is a world of new hierarchies, new elites—but ones that hide behind a doctrine of supposed science.  Its leaders would be invisible, as they are the programmers of the great machine.  And being invisible would be non-accountable.  In this world, the “developing world” will still be subsumed under “the West”—but we won’t be able to see it as clearly as there will be ‘no borders.’

And that’s. Freaking. Terrifying.