*I was asked to do some video work for BASICSnews.ca and so I don’t have many photos.  Here’s a few of those I did take…


The rally meetup area was at Toronto’s City Hall, seen above as reflected on a bus window–from a bus company called “Bourgeois Tours.”  No more commentary needed here.



A 200 foot “two row wampum” flag led the rally. It symbolizes the original treaty made by the first nations and the European settlers to live together as equals while on different paths.

There were thousands in attendance from a variety of orgs and causes, from First Nations, to traditional working class, migrants, anti-imperialist, and others.  And there were two main stops along the way: one in front of Joe Fresh, a distributor of clothes made in the Bangladesh factory that collapsed and killed over 400; and the other was near Porter Airlines where workers have been on strike for over three months.

Joe Fresh was shut down by the protesters, and the police surrounded Porter airlines and put out an injunction prohibiting protestor from approaching.

Check out the #May1TO twitter handle to check out the different issues and orgs involved–as well as to see the tweets from the day.

And check out Basics and Toronto Media Co-op for coverage on the event.


Of course Bayan, Migrante, Gabriela, and Anakbayan were present!  CLICK HERE to read Bayan-Canada’s MayDay 2013 statement.






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Old city hall reflected.