About the Site:

This site is both about Alex’s photos, and his ideas and interests.

It’s about the Philippines, being Filipino, being raised in Canada, and how the three intertwine.

It’s about memories, and travel, and lessons learned–and about how all of the above shape his worldview.

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Photo of alex felipeAlex currently resides in Toronto, Canada. He returns regularly to the Philippines.

Currently he is the Toronto spokesperson for BAYAN-Canada, a chapter of BAYAN-Philippines, an anti-imperialist alliance fighting for national democracy in the Philippines.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto with the goal of being a human rights lawyer instead he became a documentary photographer who focuses on human rights issues. Though he also does work in other genres and issues, his focus is on stories that involve the relationship between his country of birth (the Philippines) and his country of upbringing and citizenship (Canada).

His photography has been featured in publications and exhibitions in Canada, the USA, Italy, Australia, and the Philippines. His work has been published and/or exhibited by Amnesty International, CARE-Canada, Oxfam-Australia, NOW magazine, The Toronto Star, This Magazine, Red Bull Entertainment, the Immaginario Scientifico museum in Trieste, and others. He has also had articles written in the Toronto Star, This Magazine, and on a variety of online blogs.

In his regular visits to the Philippines he has worked with local and international NGOs around human rights issues.

In 2010 he received an Ontario Arts Council grant to work on a documentary and photo project in the Philippines.

In 2009 he won honourable mention at the 2009 National Magazine Award for Photojournalism for a photoessay and story on the negative effects of Canadian mining corporations in the Philippines.

Alex is also available for production stills, actor headshots, music photography, and other projects.

All images on this blog are ©alex felipe; please contact the photographer for all use inquires, assignment queries, etc. Alex has a selection of images from the Canada, the Philippines, and Thailand. He is available for assignments locally and is willing to travel.

Email him at: alexfelipe.photographer@gmail.com