This exhibition it dedicated to the children that live in mountain communities in the Philippines. Using the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a basis of analysis, the images explore the effects of neo-colonialism on their well being.

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discussion and slideshow with the photographer on monday 22 september 2008, 700pm (more…)

A few weeks back I asked Filipino youth to tell me what they liked and hated about their people.  During Kultura last Saturday, I did this again.  (more…)

Yeah, yeah!  KPC’s 3rd annual Kultura Festival was last Saturday and it was ridiculous!  In this set of pics I’ll show some of the afternoon events in the park across the street from the centre in trendy Kensington Market in downtown Toronto.  There was music, dance, spoken word, visual art and installations, Filipino street food–and on site hair stylin and massage! (more…)

***To take a bit of a break from some of the heavier subject matter I’ve been posting, here’s an old travel story from my very first trip back to the Phils in 2001. It’s an email I wrote my friends. I was less than a month into that Asian trip, a trip that would last almost 2.5 years. I read this and I remember a younger me…

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Monday June 11, 2001

I have come to realize that the psychological aftertaste of testicle lingers far longer than the actual physical flavour… but I am getting ahead of myself. Please let me restart from the beginning of the story. (more…)

Just a little gentle prodding and Canadians are tripping over with racist glee. All someone had to do is use the right politically correct code words for racism in the 21st century.

Canadians are too polite to tell the gooks to go home, that just wouldn’t seem right. (more…)


It was wet, really wet, but I’m glad I was there to spend some time with some of my kababayans [countymen] at a campsite near Guelph, Ontario.

There were about fifty people there, caregivers on their one weekly day off, and members of Migrante-Ontario (and it’s member groups). It says alot about the Filipino people how high spirits were despite the weather and the difficult lives in which they live.

Filipina’s make up over 95% of the live-in caregivers in Canada, despite their struggles, most Canadians (including Canadian born Filipinos), know little about them. (more…)

M. Edwards, M. Tecozautla, P. Garrow, and D. Tso.

M. Edwards, M. Tecozautla, P. Garrow, and D. Tso.

I had the honour of doing the production stills for “The Taxi Project” for PEN-Canada last week (my photos were used in the Toronto Star, NOW magazine, and SingTao Daily). I went to see the show this afternoon, and it really was a moving and inspirational work.

Not only was it able to portray the stories of exiles in Canada that was specific to four cultures—and yet inclusive of the stories of others from around the globe—but it left me questioning my own sense of identity and place in the Canadian fabric. (more…)

The Philippines is a poor country. It is also a country with public, large scale acts of religious devotion, and massive street parties (called ‘Fiestas’) that put families into debt. There is an argument that can be made to link one to the others, but whatever the case the people do alot of praying and drinking. (more…)

I read the news today, oh boy…

Apparently Canada and the Philippines are talking about signing their own ‘Visiting Forces Agreement‘ (VFA). Only good things can come out of this… (more…)

Jade with her medium format camera.

Jade with her medium format camera.

A few months ago I did a casual photo-wander with some other Filipino photographers around Toronto’s Distillery District. Here are some of my favourite pics from then… (more…)