In the video podcast above I talk about the beginnings of family dynasties.  Let’s now briefly discuss why they persist to this day.

As you can see from the opening slide 94% of the provinces in the country have dynastic family rulers.  Despite a lot of talk & media attention, despite the stalled attempts at legislation, they remain an immovable political object–and will remain so for the near future.  Why?


Catherine Hernandez, actor, dancer, and playwrite.

Catherine Hernandez, actor, dancer, and playwrite.

If you’ve noticed all the blank profile pics today on Facebook, it’s all because of the Conservative government.  In this blog post I’ll show you some of the faces of the faceless.

Over 8000 people have joined the “Faceless” group on Facebook to protest the cuts in arts and culture funding by the Stephen Harper government.  (more…)

Family members of the people who are thought to have been taken by government agents.

Have you ever worked in an environment where you had to worry about being followed?  Of having your phone tapped?  Or that maybe, during a dark and stormy night, not make it home?  There was a time that thought passed through my mind—and I wasn’t necessarily overreacting. (more…)

I read the news today, oh boy…

Apparently Canada and the Philippines are talking about signing their own ‘Visiting Forces Agreement‘ (VFA). Only good things can come out of this… (more…)