I am not a gold person.  This didn’t start with any activism, or with any real reason other than the fact that I’m just not a jewelry person period.  I simply have never felt the desire for shiny that most people seem to possess.

Now that I know how the extractive process affects people (including those that look like me), I consider myself lucky.

[I recieved an honourable mention in the 2009 National Magazine Awards for the photos and story below.  Originally published in This Magazine.]

Admitting that I was a Canadian has never been as difficult as when I travelled to the Philippines to photograph two Canadian-owned open-pit mining sites last winter. The fact that I am also Filipino by blood didn’t help. (more…)

Check out the Nov/Dec 2008 issue of This Magazine for my photos and article about two Canadian mining sites in the Philippines.   The vid above was produced by This using a few of my images and narration. (more…)

Back in November of last year I visited a mining site on Rapu-Rapu island in the Philippines owned by an Australian mining firm.  Oxfam-Australia has used few of my images to illustrate their newly released site report on this tiny island’s open pit mine. (more…)

I read the news today, oh boy…

Apparently Canada and the Philippines are talking about signing their own ‘Visiting Forces Agreement‘ (VFA). Only good things can come out of this… (more…)

*** I wrote this awhile ago about a job journalist Abe Almirol and I did for Oxfam-Australia in January about a town just beginning to build the infrastructure for an Australian open-pit mining operation in Nuevo Vizcaya, Luzon.  For more images please visit my Portfolio Page. ***

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was conducting a photography workshop in Cavite, a city near Manila when I got a call from Oxfam-Australia’s mining ombudsperson. That night I rushed back to my place in Manila (2 hours away), packed, and jumped on an overnight bus headed north towards the mineral rich mountains in Nueva Vizcaya. (more…)

I was interviewed for BlogTO after my exhibition opening about my recent work in the Philippines. You can listen to it here: http://www.blogto.com/divercity_podcast/2008/04/divercity_3_alex_felipes_philippine_vignettes/