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These are some random photos from the Native Earth fall season shoot.  The images were shot at Six Nations Reserve.

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I first saw Anita Majumdar in Fish Eyes, her critically acclaimed one woman show that incorporated traditional dance with a modern day Canadian tale.  I loved that play and was excited to be able to work with her on production stills for her relaunch of The Misfit. (more…)

If you go see ‘Norway.Today’ at the Terragon in Toronto you’ll see my work on screen during the dream sequence in this multi-media theatre production.

It was a fun shoot that basically involved my filming a couple make out in a variety of locales in the city.  At one point we asked a cabbie to drive us around the downtown core–I’m surprised we didn’t crash as it must have been quite a scene to have two attractive people just going at it while another guy filmed it (sometimes while hanging out the cab to get the view from outside the window!). (more…)

poster designed by Christine Mangosing

Hey Toronto Peeps! Come out this Saturday (23 Aug) for Kultura, and see how Filipino youth put on a festival! This is not your Tita and Tito’s Fiesta, this is ours.

I’ll be exhibiting here, and I have an photo installation that will be ongoing throughout the afternoon. Plus check out what local professional Filipino artists are putting together.

spoken word/music performances in the park, arts & crafts vendors, Pinoy street food what?! fishballs, banana-Q anyone!? play readings by Filipino playwrights & actors, shorts films by Filipino filmmakers. Represent!

All happening at Bellevue Square Park on Augusta & Dennison, and at KPC 167 Augusta Avenue

M. Edwards, M. Tecozautla, P. Garrow, and D. Tso.

M. Edwards, M. Tecozautla, P. Garrow, and D. Tso.

I had the honour of doing the production stills for “The Taxi Project” for PEN-Canada last week (my photos were used in the Toronto Star, NOW magazine, and SingTao Daily). I went to see the show this afternoon, and it really was a moving and inspirational work.

Not only was it able to portray the stories of exiles in Canada that was specific to four cultures—and yet inclusive of the stories of others from around the globe—but it left me questioning my own sense of identity and place in the Canadian fabric. (more…)

During last months Toronto Fringe Festival I had a chance to do something I’ve always wanted to try, acting. I was part of the ‘Baggage’ ensemble cast that was called “Outstanding” by NOW magazine, and given 4/5 stars by Eye Weekly.

During the last week of our run we were interviewed by “Spotlight on Review,” that vid can finally be seen online HERE.

I’m very happy I got to do that. As I said, I’ve always wanted to try but never had the nerve to (even in a gradeschool production). In Baggage I played a father that goes from singing and dancing, to angry to remorseful, and it was definately not as easy as I had earlier thought. (more…)